How to Use the Acupuncture Pen for Massage Therapy Stress Relief

Massage therapy is one of life’s most enjoyable ways to relieve stress. Not only does the body feel at ease as massage melts our tension away, but our minds find peace through massage as well.  But, getting a world-class massage is not always feasible. With the Acupuncture Pen, you can enjoy the benefits of massage right at home.

The Acupuncture Pen offers both the physical and mental benefits of massage by applying touch therapy and low-voltage therapy to the muscles and stress-relieving acupoints. Using the Zolaro Acupuncture Pen for a stress-relieving massage is as simple as choosing your pen tip and applying a few techniques.

Stress Relief Acupuncture Pen

The rolling tapping tip is typically the best choice for using your Zolaro Acupuncture pen as a massage tool. This tip can easily glide over large muscles or areas of the body. If you have someone to help you at home, a slow, gliding massage along the length of the back can be especially helpful for those who hold stress and tension in their backs. Other tips, however, can also be used for massage. Deep pressure into stressed-out pressure points can be achieved with the spheroidal or node tip. The scraping tip can be useful for stress-related headaches.

Special Tips for Self-Care Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

The Acupuncture Pen makes it easy to enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy, right at home. A few simple techniques can help you learn how to use the Acupuncture Pen as a massage tool to not only melt away the day’s stress, but help your body reverse the negative effects of stress.

Press at Large Intestine 4: Large Intestine 4 is a great point to relieve stress and massage therapists often use it to release pressure in the entire arm. This is particularly useful for those who feel like they’re running on empty all day. Large Intestine 4 is located in the bulge of the hand, in between the thumb and forefinger. Apply pressure with the spheroidal tip.

Acpuncture Massage Therapy

Roll for a Forehead Massage: Many of us furrow our brows when stressed which can lead to headaches, eye fatigue, and even wrinkles! Give yourself a moment of stress relief and calm by rolling the Zolaro Acupuncture Pen along the forehead. Move from the brows up to the hairline, or across the forehead lengthwise several times. Use a very low-intensity setting.


Forehead Massage

Roll Near Gallbladder 21: Gallbladder 21 is located on the shoulder at middle of the trapezius muscle. This point helps to reduce pain and tension from stress and is a great way to prevent headaches, neck and back pain, and balance the mood. Use the rolling tapping tip to roll along the neck and shoulders, hitting Gallbladder 21 along the way.


 Makes Stress-Relief Massage Easy


The Acupuncture Pen is a safe and simple tool for stress-relieving massages at home. A simple self-care routine in the morning or evening can fight stress and maintain your healthy resilience. Remember, one of the great things about the Acupuncture Pen is that it can be used to deliver simple stress-relieving massage therapy on the go. Carry the pen with you throughout the day and use in times of acute stress. Make stress-relief part of your daily self-care with the  Acupuncture Pen!

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