Fumigation Fogging Machine

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Fumigation Fogging machine has wide range of applications and can be used for sanitation and prevention in homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc. It is an ideal electric fumigating machine with reliable performance and convenient use. Disinfection Atomizer Fog Machine that can effectively fumigate your Home, Vehicles, Showrooms, Malls, Workplace, Hotels, etc

  • High efficiency electric sprayer perfect for Disinfection in hospitals, clinics, homes, etc.

  • Resistance to fall and aging, durable to use.

  • Ergonomic groove, comfortable to carry.

  • Easy to operate, turn on the power switch to start the spraying work.

  • This machine allows user to operate personally without any technical help.


    1. Add Liquid to the 100 ml bottle and insert the Inlet Pipe in the bottle.

    2. Plug the Power Cord and Switch on the Machine on the Warm-Up mode.

    3. After 2-3 Minutes, the Green Light will be shown on top of the Fumigating Machine. This indicates that the Fumigator is Ready to Use.

    4. Fumigate one area at a time. Switch off the smoke detectors temporarily

    5. Start the Fumigating your Desired Area.

    6. Keep the AC on during fumigation so that the fumes can recirculate through the AC system and disinfects the air-conditioners. Allow the fumes to stay for 10 mins at least and then exhaust with the help of AC.

Why You Should Buy Our Fogging Machine 

Our Machine Offers 2.5 meter of wire While Other machines Offer you 1 meter of Wire.

Our Machine Offers You Fire Proof Board to ensure Your Safety.

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